City of Laredo

Municipal Civil Service Commission for City Employees

(Except Employees who are Subject to a Collective Bargaining Agreement)
# Commissioner Name Appointed by: Date of Appointment Date of Expiration of Term
1 Vacant Mayor Pete Saenz    
2 Patty San Miguel CM Rudy Gonzalez, Jr., District I February 2015 April 2021
3 Vacant CM Vidal Rodriguez, District II    
4 Daniel Rigal CM Merc Martinez III, District III April 2019 April 2021
5 Ana Saenz CM Alberto Torres, Jr., District IV January 2017 November 2020
6 Jesus Martinez CM Nelly Vilma, District V February 2020 November 2020
7 Juan Carlos Sanchez CM Dr. Marte A. Martinez, District VI February 2020 February 2022
8 Scott Roberts CM George Altgelt, District VII May 2015 August 2020
9 Jose Salvador Tellez CM Roberto Balli, District VIII March 2017 November 2020
10  Juan J. Avila City Employees October 2019

October 2021

11 Joe Barron City Employees November 2019 November 2021


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