Physical Activity Classes - November 10, 2016


The Employee Health and Wellness Division was pleased to announce that starting November of 2016 they have partnered with the Park and Leisure Services Department to offer a better and enhanced Wellness Incentive Program.  

All eligible City of Laredo employees (those with medical benefits) were able to earn a Wellness Incentive credit by attending a physical activity class.  Those that attended, Parks and Leisure Services Department were given a 7-day FREE pass to attend any of City's 12 Recreation Centers and were entered into a raffle to win a gym bag with goodies, courtesy of the Employee Health and Wellness Division (see below).



Each month, a different type of physical activity class will be provided with classes ranging from zumba, aerobics, karate, yoga to name a few. 


For more information, please contact the Employee Health & Wellness Division at 727-6470.






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